Thursday, 16 August 2012

Masters At Work - Essential Mix - 16-02-1997

Gotta Love M.A.W.


Tracklist if your a poindexter!

Nu Yorican - "Soul Runaway" (Talkin Loud)
The Chameleon - "The Missile" (Henry Street)
Giselle Jackson - "Love Commandments" (Waako)
Kenny G - "Havana" (Arista)
Roy Davies - "Gabrielle" (Large)
Groove Box - "The More You Want" (Nite Groove)
Loni Clarke - "Searchin" (Groove On)
Mutiny - "See The Sunrise" (Sunflower)
Groove Box - "Cassio's Theme" (Nite Grooves)
Mysterious People - "Love Revolution" (Yoshitoshi)
Gigolo Supreme - "After The Storm" (Nervous)
Masters At Work - "Voices" (Whole)
Black Beatnicks - "Ooohhh" (Raw)
The Knowledge - "Until The Day" (Sun Tune)
Nu Yorican Soul - "It's Alright" (Talkin Loud)
Roy Davies - "Gabrielle" (Large)
Kings Of Tomorrow - "Ancestors" (Deep Vision)
The Braxtons - "The Boss" (Atlantic)
Chris Cuevas - "Hip Hop" (Atlantic)
Marc Antony - "Ride On The Rhythm" (Atlantic)
Nu Yoricon Soul - "Runaway" (Talkin Loud)
Roni Size - "New Forms" (Talkin Loud)

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