Saturday, 15 September 2012

Maria Luisa - Tomorrowaudio Podcast

A cheeky mix from the Lady of TomorrowAudio. If you have not heard of the TomorrowAudio lot you've been hiding under a rock from the past 12months. They are collective of young, enthusiastic & creative beings who started off throwing party’s in the basement of a Headingly house with the likes of Phil Weeks, Darius , & Jordan Peak to name a few.I have had the pleasure of playing a TomorrowAudio party as well playing alongside them at various other party’s, watch this space with everything on their side they are bound to grow into something special.

Anyow this is a mix from the Lady of TA Maria Luisa on this mix she stamps her authority on you whilst your listening with solid beats & techy skills. Keep an eye on this young lady as she is also into her production & by her track selection on this mix i can see some decent tackle been released via the TA stable. She’s also not too shabby in the looks department too fella's.(imagine that going bk2bk with ya bird, everyman’s dream surely....i wonder if she looks football too eh?)
for more info on TomorrowAudio info check the blog...

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