Thursday, 29 September 2011

Buckley -Hacienda Mix 88-92

hacienda 11th birthday, the heads have been chopped off at the back but its Dave Morales, Mike Pickering, Danielli Davoli(black box) Tony Humphries, Graeme Park,Tom Wainwright, Miles Hollway,Bickley,Marshall Nic Louver

Our good old friend and house veteran Buckley has been looking under a few old rocks and this mix has turned up. All the traxx are from the era of 1988-1992, even Buckley himself has said that this sort of tackle was the blueprint for the house he plays today. I asked Buckley about the mix and he advised that this was a mix he recorded around 6 years ago as he was asked to play an offical hacienda night in Brum alongside Jon Da Silva & Graeme Park. This was a bit of a trip down memory lane for him as he's not your usual paul Taylor Retro type girly spinner who plays old chart dance music then calls is retro.Buckley was a resident at the hacienda but never clung onto it like some do(playing haciendia re-union's & living off the name), he evolved along with the times and always kept one step ahead of the scene which explains why he's pretty much the Basics core crowds fave(well mine anyow). With upcoming releases on 2020 vision,Hot Natured & One records and past releases on Basics own label & Extended Play all of which are very credible & big labels This proof that he is still at the ripe old age that he is staying one step ahead.Anyway thats enough about Buckley & more about the mix we have here.Buckley was asked to play a party in Birmingham a while back & choose play the era from 1988-1992 but before the gig he got a bit of a bug in the back of his brain thinking he best actually get the vinyl down n give these a run as 95 % of them have not been played for best part of 18 years. So as prep for the gig he dusted off the old slabs of plastic and put this together off the cuf dust n play whilst the record button was rolling.This mix contains alot of what was the foundations of what got Buckley into house and what was also kicking about that time, all killers no fillers in this one...points for the tracklisting in the comments box.


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