Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Rahaan - Disco Not Disco

Just been listening to this in the car and felt compelled to post it up for some slow cookin' consumption!

If you have not heard this mix, or even heard of Rahaan before then get on board. He is an amazing Dj and has released countless great edits to boot. You need him in your life basically and this mix is somewhat a baptism of fire....chopping and blending loads of edits and oddities with his seemingly effortless flair!

Perfect for those all those sunny days coming up (hopefully). Everytime I put this on it lifts my mood and plasters a huge gormless grin all over my mug!

Enjoy !

rough tracklist via djhistory
Was (Not Was) "Oh, Mr. Friction!"
Ron Trent-Love to the world (love dub)
Talking Heads-Pull up the Roots
Time Bandits-Live it up
Talking Heads-I Zimbra
Nancy Nova-The Force
Marsha Hunt-The Other Side of Midnight
Gino Soccio-S-Beat
Dj Rush-I Wanna
Magnifique 'Magnifique'
Divine-Love Reaction
Kebekelektrik's Wardance with 'Sensuous Black Woman'
Lanier-25 Hours(nick the record edit)
Was (Not Was)-Wheel Me Out
Rinder & Lewis-Arabella
El Coco - Afrodesia
- ?
Hott City-Ain't love grand
Barbara Mason & Bunny Sigler-Locked In This Position
Cerrone-Love In C Minor
Queen-Body Language

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