Saturday, 5 March 2011

KSD @ Verve + PBR Streetgang interview

Jamie "fatneck" low & Boy Oliver
8-2 A.M
Free Entry.

For the people of Huddersfield KSD is about the only credible outlet for underground electronic music, it’s an iregular and one off soirée held in the comfortable surrounding’s of Verve Bar. Past guests have included Neil Scott(El Diablos Social), Cosmic Boogie & boxing day regular Greg Wilson. These party’s are really something special and myself n Frase are pretty proud to play at a few of them. The night is run by our good friend Jamie “Fatneck” Low  who is a regular as Space in Ibiza for the We Love party’s, and this Saturday he welcomes fellow We Love pals and the sort after PBR Streetgang (asylum, 2020 vision). PBR Steetgang have been chugging along very nicely for the past few year gathering a lot of respect and gaining a lot of booth scalps playing at place such as Space, M.O.S, Below, Asylum, Garden fest(Croatia) & many many more. We had chance to catch up with PBR’S Tom Thorpe as we do here at Slow Cookin’.

So Tom your one half of PBR how did you and Bonar meet??

I met Bonar around twelve years ago in Birmingham. I had moved down to work for a club/promoter organising tours and djing. I befriended him through  visiting a record shop. Most dj's would hang out at this one place on a Saturday, listening and buying tunes. Bonar and i had really similar taste, so got we chatting. The rest is history.

You’ve both now secured a foot in the scene has it been a hard ride??and where did it all start?

I don't think it's particularly easy these days making a living and a career from this industry. We've both been doing it a long time, and worked hard for it. Our first gig playing together was in 2003 at the old 'Northern Light' in Leeds where we booked and ended up playing with X press 2. We both really enjoyed it and got some great feedback, so decided we'd keep with that format.

With releases on 2020 vision, Wolf Music & E.A.R already what else do you guys have in the pipeline?

There is a lot coming out over the next few months...

Pbr Streetgang – J2thaB – ISM

PBR Streetgang - J2thaB by PBR streetgang

Death On The Balcony – Jopliin (Pbr Streetgang remix) – Magic Bag 

Bernard Fevre – Molecule Dance (PBR Streetgang Remix)

Haggis Horns – The Traveller Pt2 (PBR Streetgang Remix) - First Word

PBR Streetgang - C.R.A.I.G - Electric Avenue Records

08 C.R.A.I.G by PBR streetgang

(You can listen to PBR Streetgangs tackle on there soundcloud page)

You’ve got a busy calendar any particular gig’s your looking forward too??

The summer is shaping up to be a really good one again. Playing for 'We Love' at Space, Ibiza is definitely one of the highlights. The 'Garden' festival in Croatia  has become pretty special too. Berlin looks like it will happen again soon, love that place.

You are also responsible for the Asylum parties,will we be seeing anymore of those in the near future??

Yeah, at the minute i'm concentrating on the 'Garden parties' which take place on  the bank holidays, May 1st, May 29th, and August 28th at the Faversham in Leeds. Over the five years of doing them they have almost turned into mini festivals, and take up a lot of my time.

Asylum ran for a long time doing parties in all over ?? What’s you fondest memory or memories??

I have loads of great memories. Throughout the years of putting on acts i now have my favorite dj's. But my fondest  moments are form the the mint club itself. I love that club, it's really special. There is no place like it for me. I made a lot a friends a long the way, which i'm grateful for.Quickies?

Fave record at the moment?

soundstream number 5

You hate it when???

djing in a bar and a pissed up person tells you to "pick it up a bit", or "have you got..." Tool!!!!

Best excuse you’ve ever heard for anything?

a friend of mine used the line "i got attacked by a squirrel" to excuse himself from work. bold!

Slow cookin or fast food?

got to be slow cookin. x

Cheers Tom...

You can listen to PBR Streetgangs tackle on there soundcloud page which has links to BUY there music.

Jamie "fatneck" low & Boy Oliver
8-2 A.M
Free Entry.

Also keep your eyes peeled for a special KSD mayday with The Unabombers(electric chair)more info to follow.


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