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Mono_Cult's 4th Birthday+ Matt Long interview

This Saturday see's Leeds based future thinkin' party Mono_Cult turn 4...With a massive line up good enough to fill any venue anywhere in the world. I don't really have to big this up any more than the poster says it's self. Its always a good vibe with these boy's and always a line up one step ahead of the game.Full line below.

Mono_Cult 4th Birthday Party

Soundstream (Panoramabar : Berlin, Ostgut Ton)
FCL – San Soda & Red D (We Play House Recordings)
Julio Bashmore (PMR)
Dead Rose Music Company (Wolf Music, Taikomochi)
N Zino (Akbal, Ultravioletti, Italy)

mono_cult residents:
Matt Long
Brad Mercer
Paul Kaminski
+ support from
Gav Paul
MPH & Taylaa (Audiofarm)
Ali Scott & Bolo (Nest)
Ollie Reynolds
Challis & Fraser (Slow Cookin)

We had chance to catch up with Mono_Cult resident and co-owner Matt Long...

So then Mono_Cult turns four this weekend, how did it all start(what inspired you to do it) and did you ever think you ever think it would turn into one of the UK's most credible and successful nights?

It started 4 years ago on a Sunday afternoon at The Lounge. We booked Exercise One for the first party to play live but when we arrived at The Lounge to set the system up the owners had no idea the sort of party we were trying to put on and assumed it was some sort of birthday, and nearly pulled the plug on the first event before we even started. Luckily they were really impressed and by the third event, when we had Rob Mello play on on the May bank holiday, the word had spread with over 800 people rammed into The Lounge. Unfortunately for us though the authorities weren't happy with the amount of noise complaints and by our sixth party in The Lounge we got shut down by the environmental health and the venue had a causation on their licence :(

Since then we have moved around loads of venues in Leeds from The Courtyard (Now Nation Of Shopkeepers), The Faversham, Mint Club and Wire. We are now doing less parties but on bigger scale returning to The Lounge on Easter Sunday for a very special. The Revenge, Space Dimension Controller and Midland are all gracing the terrace. We will be doing some big parties at our favourite venue The Faversham which i guess we can call home so keep an eye out for the line up on Sat 24th Sept, its BIG!

- Mono_Cult as a brand has also guested for other club nights, clubs which has been the highlight?

Paul, Brad and I have guested at some great places over the years but last summer was a real highlight. We played at We Love Space in The Red Box for Burlington Project then flew to Sardinia to Play at Ambra Night, both were amazing!

Now the line up for the fourth birthday is unreal what made you go for the line up you have?

To be honest the line up was really difficult to lock down for the Birthday as we moved the date and venue a few times. We are really happy how its turned out keeping things diverse and credible with Soundstream, FCL, and Julio making their Leeds debut.

We were in Berlin in January and saw Soundstream play at Panorama Bar. He is without doubt one of the best DJs we have seen, no wonder Prosumer and Steffi rate him so much. We felt a three hour set is ….he's going to play 3 hours for us. I was on to FCL over a year ago and have built up a good relationship with Bart aka Red D, so was only right to give them there debut on our Birthday. Julio Bashmore is 'hype' at the moment and he is going to show everyone why! He is going to be huge in 2011. DRMC is company is our one to watch. You will be seeing him a lot over the next 12 months.

- You've had a fair few established artists play for you guys, any stand out performances??

For me it would be Dixon, he was someone i have tried to book for about three years and finally got him locked down to play in our most intimate venue, Wire. Everytime Move D has played for us, he has killed it.
Reboot was brilliant when he played for us on NYD 2008 in the Fav, he came on after Matthew Dear and Ryan Elliot and was outstanding…this was of course before he got all trendy ;)

Other highlights have been Ame, Soul Clap, Rhadoo and Prosumer.


mono_cult has ran for four years, there must be a funny tale mishap to let us know about?

There's been a few to be honest…..

Last years birthday got pretty out of hand, we left Wire club in a bit a state which resulted in me and Brad leaving our record bags in the back of a taxi never to be seen again. Lost 2 laptops, records, Traktor, gutted!!! The previous month i also left the nights takings in a taxi to - don't trust me with anything once i ve had a few.

We did a villa party in Ibiza the first year we started mono, the villa was packed, decks on the terrace, party in full swing, then about 5 Gaurdia Civil (police) cars turned up to shut the party down, none of us spoke any Spanish, they took our passports off us for running the party and threatened to charge us about 5,000euro……..Luckily after a few tense hours with the we had our passports returned and no fine was given :)

Any future Mono_Cult events we should know about?

mono @ The Lounge, Easter Sunday - 24th April with The Revenge, Space Dimension Controller and Midland

We have
something up our sleeve for July and Sat 24th September we have a huge and diverse line up for a party in The Faversham.


Top 3 tv series?
Top Gear

 Favorite label?
Er….FINA records ;)

fave board game?

Slow Cookin' or fast food?

We like it slow

cheers Matt

We are definatly looking forward to this one and you can catch myself & Frase warming things in the gimp room.

For tickets on this(which i wouldn't sleep on) here

 A few tracks/vid's from the guests...

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