Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Kano-Micro Exploration - The Fabric 17 Shake-Up

This is a Mix that my old partner in crime during the Therapy days has finally finished. I've been aware that he has been working on this for a while, as every time I pop in to Dais (Kano’s shop) he tells me that it's nearly there. He's eventually managed to complete this whilst managing a busy schedule(riding to Scotland, arranging his new night((Canopy)) which a free outdoor party in secret locations around Huddersfield. As well as running his own shop Dais). So all in all a very busy man. He also explained a little about the mix and what it's about.I know personally that he loved this mix when he first discovered electronic music,everybody has that mix/album that hooks you onto the scene and cements your liking for electronic music and for Kano this is the one.
"This mix is an exploration from within. I was keen to revisit some old memories and a certain album had te key. This is my interpretation of what I found. It's a stripped down micro-sample mix of nothing but the original albums tracks cut up into thousands of loops. Layered, looped and repeated to create the groove. "

"It's a personal journey back in time when i first discovered electronic music."


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