Friday, 15 April 2011

Lone - Emerald Fantasy Tracks

Summer is almost upon us so I thought I would post on this lovely little album I have been aurally frequenting recently. I have been a little late on the uptake with this one as it was actually released at the back end of last year but boy has it grown on me in the last couple of weeks. Not the my usual style and I certainly would not play many of these tracks in one of my sets but as an album I think this works brilliantly.

The album is a collection of 8 crackin tracks incorporating shimmering synths, dreamy strings, off centre keys, rolling bass and some lovely old school drums. It has an almost ravey feel to it with many part reminiscent of 808 State, The Orb or Future Sound of London but also takes a lot of influence from Detroit ala the Underground Resistance style.

Perfect for kickin it back in the garden or any general summer vibin!

Get on it!

Audio clips from juno HERE

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