Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Pulse Radio Podcast060 - Brett Johnson & LanceDeSardi

A little solid mix from one of my favorite producers since i got into House, Brett Johnson has been around since i can remember always producing solid tackle..Some a little wierd i know but i always tend to like his stuff...enjoy...

Pulse Radio asked Lance and I to make a mix and talk a bit about where we come from. We chose to do something creative and a tad different than the usual podcast offering. We called ours "Future,Present and Past". Lance kicks it off in the future and I take it to the past in the second half. Hope you dig.

Part 1 – Lance DeSardi
Jackmaster – Bang A Pella – Jack
Tom Trago – Life in Dubs – Iris In Dub – Rush Hour
Erik Ericksson – Somebody Else – Planet E
Mr. James Barth – Music Is The Key – Svek
Prommer & Bark - Journey (KINK remix) – Derwin
Cosmin TRG – Liebe Suende – Rush Hour
Axel Bowman – Naomi – Glasstable
Gus Gus – Deep Inside (Gluteus Maximus Remix) – Kompakt
VFB – Love Prescription (Dirty Dub) – Delusions OF Grandeur
Lance DeSardi – Only You! – Bang The Box
Dead Seal – Have They Any Wool? (Lance DeSardi Remix) – Bang The Box
Pillow Talk – Strange Love (Brett Johnson Acapell) – Bang The Box
Martyn – Miniluv – Osgut Ton
Carl Craig – Modular Pursuits (Daphni Chejman Dub) – Planet E
Gerd – Palm Leaves – Royal Oak

Part 2 – Brett Johnson
Jack Master - Bang A Pella
DJ Pierre - I'm Feeling Good
Mike "Hitman" Wilson - Makin' House Music
Westbam - ...And Conga
Bobby Konders - I Want You
Chez Damier - I Never Knew Love
Tech Nine - Slam Jam
Eddie S. - Dance
Mirage Feat. Gary L. - Everythings Gonna Be Alright
Bucketheads - "These Sounds" Bonus Beats
Public Domain - Make It Rock
"Filthy" Rich Criso - U're Mine
Larry Heard - A Path (A Capella)
Eddie S. - Give Ya Love
House Of Blues - Loneliness

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