Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mark Farina-Mushroom Jazz 12/08/1995

Mark Farina(A Proper DJ)

With summer just around the corner, that means BBQ'S, outdoor sunday comedowns & a more relaxed vibe all around.

While Most folk will be bumping the usual 3 chrod bassnote boring drizzle,wearing a vest and chating about how many Gyms they've smashed! I'll be sat in my garden with the docking station or "Big Ghetto(my 80's ghetto blaster that i refurbed) bumpin this shizzle.

For me the Mushroom Jazz Mixes are the perfect sunday soundtrack, Filled with funk, down temp house & the odd sing-a-long credible pop song.

I remember years ago seeing Farina absolutly rock Basics on the saturday night attend an after party then do a Mushroom Jazz set on the sunday..Pure Bliss...

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