Saturday, 4 April 2015

Back Again.....

Well its been a while since I posted on here and a lot of things have changed. I've moved house, got married, bought more records and Arsenal have even won a Trophy.

Anyway I felt that I had lost nearly all my love for the "House" scene . After a few not so great nights out to see DJ'S and to party's that have let me down(I won't go into that).However last week myself and a few good ol' mates went up to Sub Club for Klaus' stag do.

We always wanted to go to Sub Club for years & years, I even tried to go for my Stag but that turned sour as it ended up been the fucking Common wealth games that weekend in Glasgow. So after many failed attempts we finally got a date boxed off and headed up and to be honest we couldn't have done it any better with a line up consisting of Derrick May, Paranoid London(Live) and the people I was most looking forward to seeing DJ Harri & Dom Cappello.

I expected a lot and it delivered and a whole lot more.

We had started early by supping Buckfast (it was a stag do in Scotland) on the train from Halifax to Preston. Once in Preston we had an hour to kill so popped to the local pub for a swift one. Back on the train for more ale and a bumpy ride. Once in Glasgow we checked in and headed out for a yes, more ale. So as you can see from the travel and day we was lets say a little worse for ware.

Fast forward to the eve, we're all getting a little giddy as mentioned before we've wanted to visit "Subby" for a while now. We head to a little bar pub across the way from the club so we can get first in the cue to fully soak up the night.

11:00pm three of the six of us hit the cue, its pissing it down too.We only cue for around 10/15 mins & we're through the doors and my tackle is all still intact after a frisk search. As i'm walking down the stairs to the basement that is the Sub Club I get that feeling in my stomach as I hear the system which is set at the perfect level with the perfect warm sounds blurring out. I haven't felt like this since I used to walk into Basics back in the day at Rehab & early Stinkeys days.

The three of us head to the bar grab a drink and before we can turn around the rest of the party are in. We all look at each have a gleaming smile and head for the floor. The first thing I notice is the low ceiling which really does make the sound incredible, the lighting is perfect and most of all the crowd that is filtering down the stairs.

As usual I get chatting to some locals, I explain the situation that

"we've wanted to come to"Subby" for years and i'm buzzing to finally see Harri in his own backyard"

"Harri, you'll be lucky he's been in the pub all day today" replied the friendly Scott.

By now the club is half full, the music is getting louder, the odd cheers scream when a track drops or changes key and you can't help move . As I'm getting my groove on taking in the whole experience I notice another body behind the booth...Yes its Harri.

Harri takes the decks straight and the whole club moves up another level. He's been a firm fave of mine for a while. I can hardly contain myself I'm banging on the ceiling(Yes its that low) with the rest of the week in week out "Subbys".

The music turns off for a split second...then all of a sudden the whole club turns around and Paranoid London are now live but on a different stage big enough to hold their gear and some dodgy yet entertaining dude on vocals handing our small cans of beers . The sound is even better as the acid drenched thudding beats that Paranoid London are so famous pass through the range of Drum Machines and vintage Synths.

Now unfortunately my memory of the experience of Sub club ends here. I vaguely remember seeing Derrick May but can't remember any of his set although I know it was good.

So to round this up.

SUB CLUB IS EVERYTHING YOU EXPECT AND MORE, I now know why it is spoken about with such high esteem, they deserve every award they get and who's coming with us next time?????

in the meantime enjoy this Boiler Room mix from the Sub Club itself.

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