Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Modern Fairytale Club

Originally drawn on the back of a bus ticket, these unique, interesting tees ooze style and simplicity. Only available in Kano's Dais Boutique (Byram Arcade, Huddersfield), these are a product of the Modern Fairytale Club and AnyWhichWay co-founder Tom and are likely to sell out quick. They even come with a free mini-pizza box so don't sleep!

At £10 a tee, you can't go wrong can you?
With a subtle blend of art and slick fashion, Tom has created a range of t-shirts that are sure to take Huddersfield by storm. At the moment there are only a few designs to choose from, however, sources close to the creator have suggested there are many more on the way, including the possibilty of a limited edition Slow Cookin' special. Just watch this space...


Check out the t-shirts other products on the Dais website.

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