Saturday, 21 May 2011

Slow Cookin' Vol 2 -J.Cub (E.A.R)

As promised the series continues and up for the second installment J.Cub co owner of strictly vinyl label E.A.R and ex co owner of Baker Street kindly sent us over a mix to use in the series, this is a mix slanting more towards the house side of things from the "eclectic" vinyl collector. The mix is a nice change from all the serious "cool" music that seems to be the flava of late and shows the groove and the soulful aspect of house.The mix contains some unknown to the majority classics and some totally fresh tracks (well ive never heard them anyway) as well as some you'll recognise and they will stay in your head all day.

The E.A.R gang have been releasing some seriously good tackle lately too from the likes of Ryan Shaw,PBR Streetgang,Joshua & J.Cub himself as well as throwing some insainly good partys too most recently with Rob Mello & Jay Tripwire as well as there first London showcase at the Horse & Groom.

 Get the mix downloaded and have a whirl yourself.

J.Cub kindly did us an in depth interview when frst started out which you can read here, you can also keep up to date with all thing's to do with the label E.A.R

This week the tracklist is for you guys to find out for yourselfs.

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