Friday, 1 February 2013

Doug Lazy - Let the rhythm pump (dotts deeper mix)

Sorry ive not posted for a while as i've been having a break from music & concentrating on been an adult(decorating the house, chilling with me woman & indulging xmas etc etc. So anyow i heard this the other day & liked so much I wanted to share it & what better way to kick off the blog in 2013!!

Dotts is a friend of mine now, we met through mutual & even more mutual friends. He’s a dude that’s been there from day one  hanging around with know DJS now & repsected DJS of the past but is not bothered about telling you about it every time you see him unlike others who send me to sleep with exaggerated stories & “you wasn’t there tales”. He once told me in conversation that he really fell out with music for a while(late 90's early 00's) & has only recently really started to enjoy it again, this is due to his family commitment’s changing, Daughter getting a little older & Lots of rain. Rain is good for Dotts as he is a builder by trade & rain means no work & no work means Production time. Dotts is a production machine of late(I’m getting a link to an edit, remixes, new track almost daily). He’s done loads that cut the cloth but this is the one that has stood out to me most of all.



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