Friday, 22 February 2013

Ethan McNamara-February 2013 Promo Mix

Ethan McNamara

If your from Leeds or the surrounding areas & you ain't heard of Ethan, where have you been??

I first met Ethan when he came to play at my old monthly Le Bloc a few years back, where we had to sneak him in as he was at the tender age of 17. We booked him through a recommendation of a friend of a friend.Let me tell you now......

Not many people can follow Junia Ovadose on the decks but Ethan stood up & made himself known & literally blew us all away. Even seasoned house heads were standing in owe at his knowledge wel ahead of his years in house. Since that party he has gone onto be part of the Tomorrow Audio crew(a great bunch), Played at various clubs such as The Garage, Mint & Attic. Everywhere he has played he has been man of the match in my opinion.

Keep an eye out for the this lad.He is surrounded by a great bunch, has the knowledge, Mixing ability’s & drive

How can he fail????

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