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Catch up with Jon Woodall.

For the regulars down at Basics, Jon is a fixture and a well known/well liked lad down there, always seen behind one of the booths either playing or partying. Forever smiling, full of positive party vibes and cheer. Jon has now been made a resident down at the Basics institute, released the first EP alongside Buckley on the re-launch of the label and even has a helping hand in the bookings. He has a busy schedule ahead with dates such as MUSTACHIO! ...All Over Your FACE @ Rainbow(Birmingham) and regulary does the afters for Basics in the black box  alongside James Barsnsley which lead to him going back to back with Kerri Chandler at the BacktoBasics 1000th party (EPIC)....With Andrew Weatherall on this weekend and Jon doing the afters, I don't think i'll be getting a rest and niether will my bank account!

We sent Jon a few questions over, as we do here at Cookin', and this is what we got back;

Easy jon hows things?

All good thank you...

First of all tell us a little about yourself? where your from? What got you into house?

I'm from sunny Middlesbrough originally, there's quite a few of us in Leeds actually! As far as getting into house goes, I used to listen to those Ministry of Sound CD's when I was about 13/14, not religiously or anything, but knew I preferred that to the usual rubbish. It wasn't until I got a Roger Sanchez Global House mix off the front of Mixmag when I was 15 that I really got into it. That CD still is one of my all time favourites and from there I was hooked, I got a job glass collecting at Tall Tree's in Yarm and started saving for some decks!

We ask this everytime and it’s a typical interview question….which artists/people are your influences ?

In the early days it was the American's like Roger Sanchez, Harry Choo Choo and Derrick Carter, these day's my influences are a lot closer to home, I would honestly say that most of my favourite DJ's are my friends. Back To Basics has obviously been a massive influence and I've always thought the residents outshine the guests more often than not.
Production wise there's labels like Rush Hour, Plannet E, R&S, Hot flush, Running Back, Fear of Fying to name a few.

Your part of the Back to basics family now, and even had the first release alongside Buckley on the re-launch of the label how did that all come about?

Around that time I had a lot of free time through the week, I was doing the weekly after parties at Mint with James Barnsley and that was my only job. Buckley used to come round a couple of times a week to hang out and we'd spend a lot of time looking for new music. It was just a natural progression from there. The track wasn't intended for Back To Basics label as the idea to re-launch it hadn't even come about yet! When Dave decided to re-launch the label he took it as the first release! Buzzin!

So what’s next any more release’s in the pipeline?
Since the summer I've been working for Basics doing the bookings and promotion which has meant I haven't had a lot of time to produce, it's something I'm starting to sort out now and hopefully over the next few months get some stuff finished. Me and Buckley still have a few tracks we're sitting on too.

Your part of the wallpaper down at Basics there must be a funny tale or moment you can share with us??

There's not many of the bigger one's fit for public consumption really, little one's include dog shit in the DJ booth, bingo numbers being called over the music and taxi drivers taking the glory!

Since your working for Basics with the bookin's and promo can you let the cat out of the bag for any future bookings?

No! But, I can tell you we've just confirmed some amazing things up until the middle of April! Not to mention some of the bigger events we'll be doing in the lead up to our 20th birthday!!

In a crazy world name your pefect Basics line up across all three rooms?

I couldn't really answer this without letting the cat out of the bag for the coming months!!


Favourite record at the moment?

Subb-an Feat: Beckford - The Lovers Night (Spectral Sound)

Favourite snack ?


Top 3 fictional characters?

Don Logan (Sexy Beast)
Mark Corrigan (Peep Show)
Withnail (Withnail and I)

Slow cookin or fast food?
Slow cookin' Defo!
Cheers jon.

you can also keep up Jon on his R.A.Page

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