Thursday, 10 February 2011

Fraser's thought of the week.....

Dj Shadow & Cut Chemist - Brainfreeze

Here at Slow Cookin' we're all about all the variety. In our consumption of tasty Slow Cookin' and also in our consumption of music. I mean you wouldn't want a slow cooked Boeuf Bourguignon every night of the week would you......sometimes you might fancy a nice Lamb Hotpot or a Spicy Chicken Casserole!!

With that in mind, this weeks thought brings you a mix that does not adhere to the norm by any stretch of the imagination. A mix that is very close to my heart and reminds me of good times from my yoot.

Brainfreeze was recorded by DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist as a practice session for a show in February 1999 at the Future Primitive Soundsession in San Francisco, mixing funk and soul 45's. Initially 1000 copies were made and sold at the shows, and a further 1000 copies were made and distributed to local records stores in California and sold out very quickly. A cease-and-desist letter from 7-Eleven convenience stores—the whole artwork and styling was based on their logos and uniforms—meant that they stopped and moved on. The album was then bootlegged and it can now be found in popular record shops.

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  1. classic stuff, takes me right back to the days when I wasn't legal