Saturday, 19 February 2011

Neil Scott's Pick of the Week.



RELEASE DATE: 21 Feb '11

Housewives' favourite and Sonic U-Bend Specialist the Disco Plumber makes his debut on Foot and Mouth delivering an extraordinary two track of pure class. Over twenty years Rob has released over 100 singles in various guises and still produces something as amazing as this. These two absolute gems are a couple of prime time corkers.

The A Side “I Can’t Help Myself” cleverly makes us of a recognisable vocal but from a obtuse source, whilst the driving bass-line, elated strings, and incessant hooky staccato keyboard top line are guaranteed to clear your pipes! After the heart-stopping drama of the A-side, Rob delivers a deeper more electronic infused B-side with “Fantastic Plastic”. A monster groove underpins the tweaked French vocal and bubbling synth lines, whilst gasps of vocal joy punctuate the rhythm to great effect. A superb release, and a welcome addition to the Foot & Mouth stable.

You can listen and buy it from Piccadilly Records.

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