Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Derrick May Mix -New Years Eve 1988.

Derrick May 1988(ish)

Came across this the other day and it's just insane considering when it was made. I mean, the trickery and the tracks; it all seems well before it's time and still sounds fresh today. I have managed to find a tracklisting for this although i'm not 100% sure how correct it is.

2:10 Hardhouse – Check This Out
4:00 MDEmm – Get Acidic
5:30 Adrenalin MOD – Ecstasy (Wherever You May Be)
6:15 Mix Masters – House Express
8:08 Liaisons Dangereuses – Peut Etre Pas
10:00 Lil Louis – Music Takes You Away
10:30 Chip E – Time To Jack
13:00 Rhythim is Rhythim – Feel Surreal
32:00 Bam Bam – Where’s Your Child
37:00 R Tyme – Illusion
40:00 R Tyme – R Theme
45:00 K Alexi – Vertigo

Anyway enjoy... and if anyone can figure out anymore of the tracklisting, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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  1. 1st track is a mash of Mac Thornhill "who's gonna ease the pressure"

    31.00 = Rythim is Rythim "it is what it is"