Saturday, 2 July 2011

Doc Martin-Stussy Mix

WOWZA, two of my favorite things put together.....For the "young un's" who think Villalobos/sven run the world..ah ah!!..Doc Martin has been doin' the doin' since i can remember. The Doc Martin Fabric mix was one of the first mixes i bought way back when, and it still gets a good listen to from time to time.(if you haven't heard this you need too). Doc Martin is a firm fave amoungst the Slow Cookin' gang, a few of them recently even traveled to to see him at Fabric and by all accounts he didin't disapoint..

Stussy mixp

Anyway Stussy have teamed up with Doc Martin to launch a Sublevel Stussy tee, which in turn ment that Doc did a mix for them.....

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