Wednesday, 20 July 2011

THE LAST ROKEBY FILM - Screening ! ! !

This Friday see's the Premier Screening of "The Last Rokeby Film" which is a series of interviews,Party footage & genereal Push:on behavour.! For the people who don't know about Rokeby,it was NOT just an "afterparty" in Leeds it was an institute for a group of friends who welcomed more friends and then even more friends and then even more friends.!! Almost like the free mason's of the Leeds scene. Anyone based in Leeds worth there 180g in wax has partyed/played there, from Jamie Jones playing while the gas man does his yearly meter reading to Tim Sheridan fixing the alarm & Chicago's Justin Long as well as the ever present Basics regular's Buckley,Tristan & Mr Basics himself Dave Beer.

Freind's have been made here,minds have been lost here but all in all it will always be remembered by everyone who attended with a tale of there own to share about the place.

The film has been put togther via month's of filming and many hours spent editing/choping & even more filming by Rokeby resident & Push:on'er Danny Matthews and follows the life and times in the Push:on house living with the rest of the Push:on'ers Col Gil jnr(jean),Gibby,J-P Swift & Russ.
I can't wait for this mainly to have catch up with the boys/see the final product and hear the rest of the tales,fun n frolics that i missed out on.

WARNING!!!This is the movie you never want you parents to see!!WARNING!!!


It gives me great pleasure to announce that the feature film is finished and on :

Friday 22nd July 2011


19:00 onwards



31(a) Harrogate Road
Chapel Allerton

It will be screened...

It will be £10 in each and with this you receive a FREE DVD of


and there will be free goodies given away all night long...

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