Sunday, 3 July 2011

Iron Curtis Live @ CO-OP, Sydney, Australia - 04-06-2011

Iron Curtis

I Recently come accross another Iron Mix hosted by the ever reliable RC-O on soundcloud!

We all love Iron Curtis his production/mixing tekkaz are unreal always keeping things moving up, down, left, right. Disco, house, techno & whatever. With a string of releaseson some serious label's including Huddersfield’s own HuddTraxx he is gathering legendary status by the day!

This is journey through the sound of Iron clocking in and three hours six minutes later clocking out.

You can also "LIKE" Iron on Facey init!

Check out Iron's soundcloud  page too for his latest production as well as few mixes..

There was also Mark-E mix mix recorded from the CO-OP event but i can't find it anymore which was top tackle...HELP anyone!??

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