Thursday, 12 July 2012

Derrick May -98 WJLB (Detroit Radio)-1989.

I come across this whilst looking for the Derrick May-Mayday Mix(which i will find & put up very soon). This is basically a mix recorded in 1988 from live radio back int day here's what the chap had to say about it...

"I happened to press record back in 1988 on New Years Eve to catch this “MayDay Mix” by Derrick May as 98 WJLB (Detroit Radio) counted down to the new year 1989. I really loved recording these MayDay mixes because there were always traxx that were not in stores or If I happened to have the record I would hear a different version of the song than the one on the record. But the craziest thing about the MayDay mixes is the reel to reel that you can hear sometimes spinning backward through the mix. This is classic Detroit I bet no one has this recording ha-ha!!! I’m sure I have a lot more of them I can dig up as well. This is a good history lesson for those pretending to know about the roots of Detroit Dance Music!"

Derrick May-WMBX MIX 1988

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