Thursday, 5 July 2012


This is unreal,....

I come accross this t'other night as i follow Bicep on Soundcloud and visit the blog most weeks. Theses guys are bang on the button and always have been. If your not sure who they are..Basically they run a blog called Feel My Bicep which IMO is brilliant as they put alot of stuff up that is usually quite difficult to find & often forgotten. The blog is just brilliant(much better than this one) as it covers most aspects from really romantic(shit) Disco through proper proper House. Anyow here's a few words about the mix from the men themselves.!

An exclusive mix recorded for Fader Magazine New York
Bicep presents "Muscle Worx"
Whilst moving forward is essential in dance music, looking back is equally important. Digging through big ole' dusty creates is a passion of ours and continuing on the theme of our recent track $tripper we've put together a mix of some of our favourite 90s inspired finds from the past two years! It's a mixture of vinyl and some subtle edits which we recorded recently in London summing up what we feel is proper house music at it's finest.
You can catch up spinning some plates down at Fabric on July 7th were we'll be hosting a FEELMYBICEP room with a very special guest, none other than 90s house legend Terrence Parker! Expect Big, Fun, Carefree house

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