Friday, 6 July 2012

Justin Long-The Day the Paper Mountain Trembled

For the folks who are not familiar with Justin Long..get Familiar....!!!

I remember hearing a mix from him circa 2003 and it blew me away, i just got hold of all the tracks on the mix, but there was no way on earth i could put them together like he could. He’s a proper Chicago house DJ from Chicago. He's wicked to see LIVE too as he is so animated with the famous head swivel & "sling it in" mixing style. He also runs the DotBleep Label which is an off shoot of 2020vision(the pat nice vinyl back in the day & the No Assembly Firm tracks were a must have).He was a regualr at Basics & the best time i ever saw him was when he played at Madhatters(Frenchys old night) he just droped jazzy boomty bombs all night before it all get a little too tech imo.

Anyway i'll try find a mix from the fella from back int' day. For time been here’s a recent mix from purely dedicated to the warehouse vibes he grew up on. This mix is tough yet gentle & groovy at the same time.

This is full on Acccceeeeiiiiiiiiddddddd

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