Thursday, 20 January 2011

Fraser's Thursday Thought - Bill Brewster


Bill Brewster's got Steez!!

Just wanted to bring your attention to two tracks which I love dearly and discovered through the lush mix that Bill Brewster did for Resident Advisor in 2009. (RA.151 Bill Brewster).

Aside from being a quality selecta, Bill also produces under the name 'Popular Peoples Front' with Slow Cookin' fave Chris Duckenfield. He has written some of the best books about DJ culture and dance music along with pal Frank Broughton.....including the sublime 'Last night a DJ saved my life'. He also runs a brilliant forum dj history which is a wealth of knowledge for all things music.........Busy guy!!!

Bill Brewster if the sign didn't give it away.

Both of these tracks were released before I was born but still sound as fresh as a daisy today which is testament to their quality!

First Up......

Frank & Roby - Level with me.( R.S Records)(1982)

A bootleg of Barry "the fish" Melton - Level with me.

I absolutely love this track and would love to get my hands on a copy but once again this is a £50 jobbo from discogs. I must just have expensive taste!!

And secondly.....

Skylite - Boogie Butt (Rampart Records) (1979)

Another brilliant slice of disco funk!! I picked this up on the recent 'Secret Weapons' cd, put out through the excellent dj history website mentioned above.


  1. Frank and Roby - Level With Me (12")

  2. indeed Frase, exquisite choices.