Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Q & A with Jordan Peak

Few people will be familiar with the name Jordan Peak, but here at Slow Cookin’ we are pretty confident that by the middle of 2011 you will be. Jordan already has a catalogue of credible labels knocking at his door desperate to sign his electronic creations since his first release that came out at the back end of 2009. We advise you keep an ear/eye for this lad from Brading as he is set to be big news. He is already gaining massive support from household names such as Matthias Tanzmann, Burnski, DJ Sneak ,Huxley & Kevin Griffiths.

This is one of Jordan's tracks of the forthcoming release's on One Records being dropped at Fabric by the label owner Adam Shelton.

Check out some other releases too, and a cheeky edit of ODB.

Jordan Peak - Rouges Theme EP by Smoke City Music


ODB feat. Kelis "Got Ya Money" (Jordan Peak's Rogue Edit) by Jordan Peak

We sent Jordan a few questions and he kindly answered them for us.

Easy Jordan, how’s things?
Hey mate i'm great thanks. Hope your well

Tell us about how it all started and what got you into the house scene?
Everyone laughs or is a bit surprised when i tell them but i first heard House music through my Dad. He wasn't a DJ but at that time during the 90's he loved the music and had lots of Strictly Rhythm and Nervous records 12"s. He also had lots of Todd Terry, Masters At Work, Kerri Chandler, the early Armand Van Helden stuff. I brought the cheapest pair of turntables I could at 13 and neverlooked back

Which artists or people inspired you ?
Well lots of the artists I mentioned in the previous question. The first Daft Punk album "Homework" was then and still is now such a big influence on my music. It was actually the first album I ever brought and personally for me one of the best of all time

We hear that you’ve been named as one of Mixmag’s ones to watch in 2011, who are your ones to watch?
Yes thats very exciting, very appreciative of the exposure. I'd say keep an eye on Rio Padice, Subb An, Adam Shelton, Maya Jane Coles, Makam, M A N I K . . . I think there all going to have big years in 2011

You’ve got a few releases on some very credible labels , can you tell us about these and when they will be available?
Yes for sure, theres lots of bits waiting to come out. Theres releases on Saved, Robsoul, Tsuba, smoke city music& One Records all out by April and ive just wrapped up my second ep for One which will be out September/October time

Do you have any gigs lined up that we should know about?
For all gigs the best place to check is my myspace but the one i'm on full buzz factor for is the Saved party at Miami this year. Nic Fanciulli, Matthias Tanzmann, Stacey Pullen, Tim Green, Gary Beck and little old me. Excited is an understatement .

What about previous gigs any ones stick out in particular ? any funny tales?
Lots of funny tales and horror stories!! But i don't want to scare you and a gentleman never tells .


fave record at the moment?

Okain "Corner Boys" on Jetaime Records

fave label at the moment?

Maybe a little biased but One Records, okay very biased!!

fave peice of studio equiptment or plug in?
Macbook Pro

fave film?

Pulp Fiction

slow cookin' or fast food?

slow cookin' for sure

Cheers for that Jordan, we'll look forward to the releases and keep you guys here at Slow Cookin' informed...

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