Friday, 7 January 2011

S.A.S-Ice Cold Mix

S.A.S(Adam Shelton & Subb-an) released, in my eyes, the e.p of the year last year with the SAS Edits e.p on Foot & Mouth. It’s not left my bag since the day I bought it and it's certain to receive a spin everytime I play. They also followed up with a storming e.p on the same label, entitled "Give It to You", released in November last year - another absolute banger. As well as the two having a heavy DJ schedule, conducting the proceedings at One Recordings (another of the year's hottest labels), Adam runs the Rainbow and Below parties and Subb-an is still 'looking for the season' together with the Push:On lads! They have managed to lay down a mix for the Soul Clap podcast series which Mr Shelton has kindly let us to plug... click the title and see what all the fuss is about.

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