Saturday, 22 January 2011


Tokyo based cosmic-jazz duo Cos/Mes (DJ Flatic & 5ive) are causing quite a stir amongst DJ's and music lovers worldwide. A busy 2010 saw the release of no less than four 12" singles and their second full length LP, Gozmez Land - Chaosexotica, on Lovefinger's ESP Institute. Their music takes us on a celestial voyage through the progessive and psychedelic until we become blissfully unaware that we are stranded in the wild balearic-disco undergrowth, deep in the heart of Cos/Mes' Gozmez Land.

2011 sees no let up for Cos/Mes. A new 12" on Belgian imprint King Kung Foo Records entitled Naruto will get a release at the end of the month (you can stream the track on King Kung Foo's Soundcloud page, otherwise, buy here). Naruto is a dark cosmic chugger complete with jungle noises to unsettle and gentle guitar licks to sooth. On the flip we get a remix from label owners Ronny & Renzo, who a offer a techno-orientated alternative which is slightly more friendly on the dancefloor.

There is, however, more to Cos/Mes than their prolific output. The video below demonstrates that their work, as well as being audibly breathtaking, is visually stunning. Cos/Mes distort the boundary between music and art, even their sleeve designs, beautifully crafted by ESP Insitute's Mario Hugo, are something to behold.

So, without further ado, forget everything you've heard before and delve in the world of Cos/Mes. You won't regret it.

Cos/Mes - xxx (taken from the album Sadistic Skatepark [Funiki, 2007])

Tiago - Rider (Cos/Mes Remix) [Ene Records, 2010]

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