Thursday, 13 January 2011

Fatnecks u.s garage mix(part 1)

This is a mix that the head honcho of Kitchen Sink Disco and Space(ibiza) resident has let us share with you guys. The mix is made up of tracks from u.s garage scene cira 1991. Click on the title to down load or stream....Enjoy...and keep your eyes peeled for the KSD party easter bank hol which myself and fraser thought will be playing...!

Fatnecks words to us:

"first part of a mix i did for the car, dug out a few tunes from one of the eras in house that produced some of my favourite records .

anyway after suffering summer of 88 burnout and avoiding most of the rave muntered years of 89/90 buying balearic tat and bleep records, this is the sort of stuff I used to hear a certain little bespectacled scotsman play in a certain manchester nightclub when I started going out on a regular basis again, or a really fit blonde haired bird play it upstairs at a certain Flying do in notts, or a bearded bloke in london"


Margaret Conway –“Sure shot” : Tee’s UK mix(e-legal)
Cookie Watkins – “I’m attracted to you” : Maurice mix (smash)
SK Project – “Your love is taking me over” : Ova dub (Maxi)
Terry Lin – “Telephone lover” :Soundfactory dub (DOD records)
Thelma Houston – “Throw you down” Musto’s mix (Reprise)
Mondee Oliver – “Make me want you” (Gherkin)
Shay Jones “Are you gonna be there” (ID records)
James Howard –“We can do it” (Emotive)
Hearsay – “Move yo body” (Bottom line)
Abstract – “Rags” (Big beat)
Paris Ford Project – “2 far” : Pal Joey’s dub (Paris Club)
Tropical Moon – Data bank (Big beat)
M1 – “Feel the drums” (Emotive)
Clubhouse –“Deep in your heart”: Desert storm mix (Atlantic)
Clubhouse –“Deep in your heart”: Original mix (Atlantic)
Slam Slam – “Move”: Red zone dub (MCA)

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