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Frenchy-Throwing Shapes Xmas US House Classics Special Broadcast 29th Dec 2010

Throwing Shapes is always a must for me, i usually try catch it live but if i don't I usually tend to get it later  when they post them on the podcast. Its a Show hosted by two of the Basic's Residents Tristan & Frenchy. They have had a Fuck load of ace guests from the experienced Ralph Lawson,Buckley & Adam Shelton through to up n coming artists such as Luke Gibson(push:on, Disport). The Show is held on a bi-weekly on Thursday's but they may have moved to wednesdays  Broadcast from myhouseyourhouse,net

They Begin the start of 2012 with James Johnston (no matter what records)..he's the Bussines(thats all i'm saying). because you need to check him out for yourself.....check his site

Anyway thats enough about the show(take a listen to & see for yourself)..Although we will be posting up alot more of the previous show as & when on here and we also have the Tristan Da Cunha live @BacktoBasics 20th Birthday which is personally my favourite mix at the moment(possibly ever).

I came accross this mix last year when Frenchy posted it up, it's full of quality music mostly pre-96 that still imo still sound fresh today. The whole U.S House boom was huge in Huddersfield & i'm Lucky to be good friends with some of the main player's when all this was happening, such as Moss(who used to own Fourth Wave), Junia(who was a resident at Club Non & is also still releasing records today most recent on 1200 Traxx) & Jagga(VSP). They are sometimes stuck in there era & i don't blame them because its a great sound & i hear the vibes in Hudds were awsome then too. As i said i got into house on the tail end of the US House boom(although i do predict it will re-surface & be the next big thing) just as all the Boomty stuff was taking over. However listening back to this mix i wish i'd of sacked my Hip Hop/Garage off & got into this tackle.! I always remember going to MadHatters(which Frenchy used to run) to see Slum Science(huddersfield own) and this type of music was all new to me. admititdley they played a little tougher but all the same it was chunky,tough beat but still had a lot of soul..I hope u enjoy this mix as much as i did...

Here's what Frenchy had to say about it..

With Tristan away in Spain for the Xmas period Frenchy flies solo on this Throwing Shapes broadcast, providing a special retrospective mix of pre '96 U.S. house classics.

Featuring tracks from all the usual suspects and labels, as well as some more obscure numbers, this is a 3 hour reflection of the U.S. style that has influenced Frenchy's sound so much over the years, compiled and mixed live with a lot of love!

Frenchy and Tristan would like to say a massive thanks to everyone who has tuned in or
downloaded the shows in 2010. We've absolutely loved it and are looking forward to more of the same in 2011! We've got some really exciting guests coming up, so keep tuning in and throwing shapes!
Big love and wishing you all the very best for the coming year XXX

Throwing Shapes Xmas US House Classics Special Broadcast 29th Dec 2010 by FRENCHY

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