Friday, 20 January 2012

Vibes & Pepper Recordings

For me right now, these guys are the Shiznik. I bought a collection of records a couple of month back and it really opened my eyes to how good the US House scene was back in the 90's(as most of the records are from that era). I had previously over looked this Era, i mean i knew Sanchez n Helden n co, but this record collection opened my eyes to a whole new world of Masters At Work as i had before assumed they were well pretty commercial house & Producer's like Jovon, Stickmen etc etc & labels like Henry Street, FFFR etc.

Vibes n pepper are  French Label along with Myloveisunderground who are bringing the whole US House vibe back. I'm sure there are other Labels doing the same but i've not come accross them as yet.

These are two really good mixes from the camp.

i hope you enjoi..

Vibes And Pepper Raw tApes - Tomska by Vibes And Pepper

Underground Paris - Vibes And Pepper Exclusive Mix by Vibes And Pepper

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