Tuesday, 24 January 2012

This is a mix i listened to a while ago and was suppose to Blog but never got round to it, With tracks from Inland Knights, Kenny Larkin, Marceo Plex & a whole host of other's. I thought it was a nice change to usual flat one "genre" mixes you tend to hear alot these days. This i dunno seemed a little different(maybe it was the situation i listened  to it on  thatlost hour eary sunday morning after one two many).

Anyow here's a little about TL for the people that don't know.

Lionni has had a busy couple of years releasing on key labels such as Freerange, Madhouse records, Defected records, Ostgut-ton, Versatile, Mule Musique and of course Francois K’s legendary Wave Music. His musical style is a perfect fusion of Detroit tinged techno and brooding deep house and has gained him plaudits and support from press and DJs alike.
A resident of Manchester in its 1980s Chicago / Detroit acid house heyday, Tony Lionni could be found partying at the Hacienda with the best of them. Now resident in Berlin, the producer has managed to find the meeting point between these three great cities. On long-overdue debut album "As One" he fuses the clean lines of Berlin with the warmth of Detroit and jacking dancefloor sounds of Chicago. That's not forgetting the big piano line, of course, as featured on his massive Osgut Ton release "Found A Place" (re-jigged here as "Found Another Place"). This is music that soothes your soul and moves your body at the same time. Quality tech-house music for the heart.
As one album review from Piccadilly records manchester

Soul Soup Mix Tony Lionni Dec 2011 by tony lionni

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